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Pricing - The New CEO Imperative

A Book from the Pricing Profession to the C-Suite

Pricing--The New CEO Imperative, the 11th volume by Stephan M. Liozu on the topic of pricing and customer value management, is a message from the pricing profession to the C-suite. It aims to promote pricing and encourage CEOs and C-suite executives to pay greater attention to pricing and to increase their investments in their pricing initiatives. In the context of digital transformations and a post-COVID-19 new normal, pricing is a strategic capability that no CEO should ignore—and a driver of competitive advantage and a strong profit lever.

Pricing has 21 chapters organized in five sections: Pricing Lessons and Myths, Pricing Impact and Pricing Power, Pricing Testimonials, Pricing Maturity and Capabilities, and Pricing as a Force of Transformation.

This book was made possible through the financial contribution of ten companies:

  • Boston Consulting Group

  • Deloitte Consulting LLP


  • Manchon & Company

  • Miller Advisors

  • Pricefx

  • Pros Holdings

  • Simon Kucher & Partners

  • Vendavo

  • Zilliant

This collection is also endorsed by the Professional Pricing Society (PPS) and the Coalition for the Advancement of Pricing (CAP). Be bold: join the pricing revolution!


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