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Value-based Pricing

Value-based pricing is much more than a pricing strategy. It is a transformative methodology that requires deep understanding in segmentation, competition, differentiation, and communication. Our suite of services in the area of value-based pricing includes training, certifying, consulting on how to get started, segmenting customers, extracting true differentiation, and truly understanding what your competitors are doing.

Our approach to value-based pricing is both theoretical and practical. The theoretical side draws from 5 years of deep research in the topic of value-based pricing. The practical side comes from dozens of engagements in various sectors and geographies. In the end, value-pricing requires a mindset change from cost and commodity to customer value.

Key Services

  • Training Workshops (segmentation, value-based pricing, EVE®, value selling)

  • Consulting on Segmentation, Differentiation, and Value Quantification

  • Customer Value Modeler Certification (CVMV®)

  • Differentiation and Competition Assessment & Discovery

  • Operationalizing a Value Culture

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