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Pricing Strategy Implementation

Pricing can truly transform organizations. The impact of pricing on organizations is a result of two factors: pricing strategy development and the implementation of these strategies. Implementation is arguably the most difficult part in the pricing strategy process where even seasoned practitioners demand guidance. Pricing strategy development requires creativity, analytical rigor, and an ability to master the internal political competition for scarce resources, but it takes place in a well-defined environment.

Fast forward to strategy implementation: competitors that stubbornly fail to behave according to assumptions, new entrants, internal resistance, new opportunities, changing customer preferences, leadership changes, regulatory interventions, or market growth rates that change unexpectedly are some of the intervening variables between the pricing strategy originally developed and the strategy actually implemented.

This book provides the theories and best practices that enable the effective implementation of pricing strategies. It offers:

  • a best practice overview on how to convert a pricing strategy into superior results

  • insights from current academic research on driving profits via pricing strategy implementation

  • examples on how to deal with digital transformation in the context of pricing

  • tools and insights into how to overcome internal resistance, align the organization, and forge win-win relationships with customers

Taking a new approach, Pricing Strategy Implementation is a critical and practical tool for practicing executives and managers, as well as academics and researchers in pricing, marketing strategy, and strategic management.


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