My French Ride

Let me introduce you as well to my 1979 Dolly 2CV Citroen. Buying a 2CV (two horses) was always on the top five items of my bucket list. So in 2011, I took care of this item and located one in Seattle, WA.

Liozu Citroen1
Liozu Citroen2

Check out this web site should you be interested in learn more about them here. Citroen stopped building these car in the early 1980’s and I believe that was a mistake. They have become collectible cars that are restored and sold around the world. 2CV’s have bear inside design. Not much electronics I must say. Top speed is 65 miles per hour with 4 speeds and manual shift. Mileage is great at 70 miles per gallon. So I am ready for the next oil clash!