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Getting Started with Pricing

Intention and attention in pricing are key to getting started. It is also half the battle. But getting started also means doing the right things at the right time and with the right focus. I help leaders in organizations that want to get started in pricing by conducting assessments, building road maps, and providing the right pricing tool box.

Our suite of assessments includes pricing capability assessment (PCA), pricing power assessment, pricing culture index (PCI), and value-based pricing readiness assessment. Our focus is to get you started in a matter of 90 days with a strong focus on design and execution while focusing on quick wins to build momentum.

Key Services

  • Pricing training sessions (basic, intermediate, advanced)

  • Pricing Capability Assessment (PCA)

  • Pricing Council Design and Deployment

  • Pricing Culture Index Survey and Assessment (PCI)

  • “Getting Started in 90 Days” Process


Contact me today to get started!

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