France Superhero

Introducing Superdupont! The only and truly French superhero. Read more at Wikipedia and at International Hero.. The physical appearance of Superdupont is a superhero version of a caricatural Frenchman: he wears a beret, a striped jersey, charentaises, a baguette of bread under the arm, a tricolor belt held by a safety pin, a long blue cape. He also supports economic patriotism, as he smokes Gauloises cigarettes, he drinks redwine, he eats French cheese and refuses to be painted using China ink! Superdupont can be followed on Twitter and has a FaceBook account. On n’arrête pas le progrés!

Super Dupont1
Super Dupont2

So I am in admiration with a superhero dedicated to the protection of the interest of camembert and the baguette. Last year I asked a cartoonist, Bill Volk to design something fun with Superdupont and my Citroen ride. So here is what he did. Yes this is me leading the charge with my baguette!

Stephan on the Go


More on Bill’s work can be seen at