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Digital Industrial Pricing

Over 90% of companies have embarked on digital transformation. Often while doing this, they forget the need to focus on the development and execution of digital pricing models. That includes pricing for internet of things (IofT), data analytics, connected products, digital services, and SaaS.

We provide services to assist manufacturers and industrial groups in getting started on their digital journey and in capturing the value of their digital investments. Our efforts focus on the monetization of digital innovations and on digital pricing execution strategies.

Key Services

  • Subscription pricing consulting using the Pricing Model Innovation Canvas (PMIC) (2-day or 3-day workshops and 60-day sprints)

  • Digital and subscription pricing readiness assessment

  • Digital Pricing and subscription pricing training workshops

  • Keynote presentations for C-suites and marketing, and digital teams to raise the sense of urgency and the level of capabilities

Contact me today to get started!

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