Writing has become a passion. Over the past few years, I was fortunate to be invited to write columns and also to have papers published in academic and practitioners journals. During my Ph.D., I received lots of support from numerous people and organizations. Their support allowed me to conduct the best-in-class research projects. Today I am giving back to the communities who supported me by making all my papers available on my web site. Please do not circulate, print, and post anywhere without consent. For digital reading only.

Academic Papers

The focus of my academic publications has been value and pricing management. Obviously this is also the area of my Ph.D. research work. Below are the papers published since 2011:

CEO championing of pricing, pricing capabilities and firm performance in industrial firms

Industrial Marketing Management, October 2012 – Click here to purchase

In this paper we surveyed 358 CEO’s and business owners in B2B and industrial firms to measure the effect of their championing of pricing activities. Our results suggests that the level of championing of pricing by the CEO positively influences firms’ decision-making rationality, pricing capabilities, level of collective mindfulness thereby leading to significantly higher B2B firm performance.  This study also documents a relationship between decision making rationality and pricing capabilities (but not firm performance) thus suggesting that intuition in pricing decisions could drive firm performance.

Industrial Product Pricing: A Value-based Approach

Journal of Business Strategy, July 2012 – Click here to download

This paper examines how prices are set for products in industrial firms and how these firms organize for pricing by pricing orientation. The data supporting this paper was collected with 44 managers from 15 industrial firms across 10 U.S. states. The results reflect similarities and differences in the experiences of managers in industrial firms using all three pricing orientations. They contrast firms and leaders with respect to how they organize for pricing, manage the pricing process, make product-pricing decisions, manage the transition to more advanced pricing orientations, and develop internal capabilities to face uncertain and ambiguous decisions.

Mindful Pricing: Transforming Organizations Through Value-based Pricing

Journal of Strategic Marketing, April 2012 – Click here to download

In this paper, we address the following paradox: most scholars consider value-based pricing as superior to cost- and competition-based approaches in industrial markets – yet, few firms use it. Semi-structured interviews with 44 managers of small to medium size US industrial firms revealed key characteristics that are common to the firms who successfully implement value-based pricing: the ability to face deep transformational change, the role of champions as transformational leaders, the creation and diffusion of organizational mindfulness, the building of organizational confidence to fuel the transformation, and the design of center-led and specialized teams of experts supporting the firm’s pricing process. Our data demonstrates that value-based pricing is not simply adopted but internalized through a long and purposeful process supported by a mindful, experiential, and transformative learning environment.

The Conceptualization of Value-based Pricing in Industrial Firms

Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, January 2012 – Click here to download

The current literature is largely silent on how executives interpret the concept of value-based pricing. Although only a minority of companies adopts value-based pricing approaches, little is known about antecedents of alternative pricing approaches. We suggest this may be because of the fact that few professionals possess an understanding of value-based pricing, which is both academically rigorous as well as practically relevant. Our interviews with 44 executives in 15 US industrial firms show that those practicing value-based pricing interpret customer value in ways fully consistent with the current academic literature. Those practicing cost- or competition-based pricing, however, show a poor understanding of value-based pricing, which may explain why their companies practice cost- or competition-based approaches.

Pricing Strategies and Pricing Capabilities

Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, January 2012 – Click here to download

This article explores the intersection of pricing strategies and pricing capabilities by summarizing four distinct streams of research. By doing so, it provides insights into the challenges involved in implementing value-based pricing strategies as well as the generic challenges of building pricing capabilities. It also outlines the strategic importance of pricing capabilities.

The Confidence Factor in Pricing: Driving Firm Performance

Journal of Business Strategy, 2013 – Click here to download

Organizational Design and Pricing Capabilities for Superior Firm Performance

Emerald, 2014 – Click here to download

Pricing ROI, Pricing Capabilities and Firm Performance

Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, 2015 – Click here to download

The Evolution and Future of Pricing Capabilities

Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, 2016 – Click here to download

Customer Value Is Not Just Created, It Is Formally Managed

Journal of Creating Value, 2017 – Click here to download

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